Let us work together to contribute to the green future of the earth!
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Design, Develop & Create Products With A One-Stop Hemp Clothing Manufacturer
As an integrated apparel manufacturer, Natural Source is dedicated to helping customers design, develop and produce high-quality hemp apparel. We provide OEM services and can carry out customized production according to customers' designs or samples to meet customers' personalized needs.
 Natural Source will provide customers with a full range of customized services with professional technology and rich experience, helping customers create unique hemp clothing brands. We will wholeheartedly provide customers with the highest quality products and the most satisfactory services, and grow together with our customers to create brilliance!
First, we give our customers professional advice on fabric selection. Based on the clothing styles and requirements provided by customers, we will recommend the most suitable fabrics to ensure the comfort, durability and texture of the final product.
Once the fabric is confirmed, we will make a proto sample based on the customer's design and provide it to the customer for reference and confirmation. If adjustments are needed, we will make modifications based on customer feedback and provide a second or third sample until the customer is satisfied.
After the sample is confirmed, we will dye the fabric and make sales samples. The sales samples will be customized in color, label, hangtag and packaging bag according to the customer's requirements, and ensure that they are consistent with the customer's brand image and market positioning.
Finally, after receiving feedback from the sales samples, we will proceed bulk production according to the customer's order requirements and organize shipment. During the entire production process, we strictly control quality to ensure that products meet customer standards and requirements.
We welcome you to join our hemp fashion journey, experience the cool comfort and environmental value of hemp, and jointly support the sustainable development of the fashion industry.



Let us work together to contribute to the green future of the earth!
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