Let us work together to contribute to the green future of the earth!
Hemp Woven Fabrics for Hemp Pants
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Hemp Woven Fabrics for Hemp Pants

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  • NST-0097

Hemp organic cotton woven fabric is a medium thickness material particularly suitable for making hemp trousers, hemp shorts and hemp jackets. The following is a description of the properties of this hemp woven fabric:

COMFORTABLE FEEL: This hemp fabric has a soft texture that gives a comfortable touch. When you put on the hemp trousers, hemp shorts or jackets made, you can feel the comfortable touch of the fabric on the skin without causing discomfort to the skin.

Breathability: Hemp organic cotton woven fabric has very good breathability and is suitable for wearing in warm seasons or when there are frequent activities. This hemp fabric allows air to circulate, making the body feel more refreshed and comfortable during exercise.

Natural texture: Hemp woven fabric retains the natural texture of hemp, giving people a simple and natural feeling. This texture makes the hemp long pants, hemp shorts or hemp jackets more original and in line with the fashion trend of pursuing simple and natural style.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable: As a blend of organic cotton and hemp, this fabric is more environmentally conscious. The cultivation of organic cotton and the production of hemp both help reduce the negative impact on the environment, so choosing this fabric is also a way to support sustainable fashion.

In general, hemp organic cotton woven fabric is suitable for making trousers, shorts and jackets in summer or spring and autumn. Its comfort, breathability, lightness and natural texture allow you to not only enjoy comfort when wearing these clothes, but also show a natural and simple fashion style.

Customs hemp clothing, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

We welcome you to join our hemp fashion journey, experience the cool comfort and environmental value of hemp, and jointly support the sustainable development of the fashion industry.



Let us work together to contribute to the green future of the earth!
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